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The Day I Threw Out the Scale

A week ago I parted ways with our bathroom scale.



So long.

See ya later.

It didn't say what I wanted it I tossed it out.


True statement.

But, a bit more to it than that.

In about 10 days time, I gained 5kg.

Folks, that's 11 pounds.

Honestly, it's just not possible.

Ok, maybe it is possible in a certain setting.

But, I wasn't eating food like that to gain that weight or it wasn't like I wasn't not working out.

It didn't make sense.

Lack of sleep. (Tried to nap today.  Kyle declares me the worst napper ever.  He says I'm worse when I nap.  Thanks, love.)


Sick.  (Just found out that this nasty lingering cough/tiredness for the past 6-7 weeks all of us have had is walking pneumonia.)

Maybe it was my RA meds?  I've been on them for a while but maybe something shifted and that caused the weight gain?

Maybe something else?

I don't know.

It was so depressing to know I just dropped 9 pounds in 3 weeks and then to…
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How does she do it?

There was a movie years back with that title, I think.

Basically wondering how a mom could balance all the different area of life and keep it looking pretty good.

Here's the answer: she's not doing it all.

It's just not possible to "have it all together".


Why do I try?

Because I'm human.  And I'm ridiculous.  And I think I can.

My kids keep me in check most of the time.

Oh mom, you wanted to blow dry your hair in the morning?  And have that extra time to shave your legs in the shower?

Mom, you're crazy.  You are just hanging with us.  No need to dry your hair or shave your legs!  Plus, I need you to hurry up and get out of the shower and tell Daddy that I can have chocolate for breakfast.  Puh-lease!

Somedays I wonder why I even have a beautiful dry erase board to write down all my tasks for the day.  They just don't get done.

What do I do all day then?  Where does my time go?

(We won't go here because most parents know the answ…

December 3, 2017

December is months away.


Like 7 months.

But, I'm starting to think about December 3rd now.

Planning and preparations are in the early stages.

Planning and prep work are key in life, I think.

(But, I also love a good big white board, post its, and sharpies.)

With eating well, prep work is key.  It's really a must have.

If I don't plan my week out with what we will eat, I could overspend at the grocery store or end up eating out because it will get to 4:30 and I'll think "There's nothing to eat.  I forgot to defrost the chicken.  Ok, let's just go out."

Planning my week of meals has been key for me the past 3 years.  I've gotten into a pretty good system too.  We tend to have a couple meals that are standard and then once (maybe twice, if I have the energy) I'll try out a new recipe.  Others, we'll just rotate through ones that have become staple.  We do like Friday night pizza and movie and Taco Tuesday (or some variation of …

Mommy, can we go to McDonalds?


Did my 5 year old just ask me that?

How did he find out about McDonalds?

"Oh, buddy, what's that?"

(Yea, good one, dumb.)

"It's a place where you get a hot wheels car with a cheeseburger."


"So, can we go?"

"Well, Andrew, the food there isn't very healthy and I can just go get you a hot wheels car at a toy store without buying food there."

"How did you learn about this place, buddy?"


Of course ;)

Well...we made it 5 1/2 years without that conversation (which, of course, was bound to happen).  #becausekidsknowstuff

He asked us again tonight at dinner if we could go to McDonalds when we go to Singapore again (a frequent place for us when we have to leave our country because of visa issues).  I told him "ok, Andrew, if you want to go...I can take you and show you.  But, you know, they don't have hot wheels all the's just certain times."



Big news today (other than the fact that my husband will be home today!!)

Well, a couple things first.

This week has kicked my butt.

Husband gone for 10 days.

Everyone in the house sick.

A lingering cough that will just NOT GO AWAY!

Bugs.  Little critters that I despise that torment me at night and make me feel like I'm having a heart attack have decided that my house is oh so lovely.  You are not welcome, little critters.

Mastitis.  Yea, let's just add that to my list of things to deal with when husband is away.

It was my first time with 3 kiddos alone.

Great news: everyone is still alive!!

Did we eat the same things on repeat?  Yep.  We love eggs!

Did we do a ton of stuff?  Nope.  (Sickness)

Did we watch more movies than I would have liked?  Yep.

But, we made it.

I was nervous about this week with eating and working out.  Nervous because Kyle was gone and I'd just eat because I miss him and nothing to do in the evenings.  Turns out that I did alright and stuck to t…

But did you die?!


Yea.  8 rounds of those suckers AT THE END OF A WORKOUT (including a run).


I survived, obviously.  (I'm here writing it down.)

Steph says when the workout is hard..."yea, but did you die?!"  Ok, ok... :)

I've been a bit nervous about starting off these last two weeks with this 30 day Shred program with Kyle gone (feeling lonely eating??) and so busy with kids that workouts won't happen.  Only on the 3rd day with him gone and so far - so good.  Sticking to it.

(It helps too that at night I don't want to go into the kitchen at the risk of seeing little critters that think they can enter my home.) #thatsanotherstory

I did a weight check and inches check this morning and happy to say that I lost 3.9 pounds this past week and 7.5 inches total.

What brings my heart happy is that I am now 2 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Man, that feels good.  But, I'll be honest - my body doesn't look like what it did before sweet Lydia - even…

Results are in...

I made it one week trying to "re-jump" things after hitting what feels like a huge plateau.  
4 3/4 inches down.
2.6 pounds down.  
Confidence gained.  
And...huge news here: no pain at all related with RA.  (yay for drugs working!) 
Fave recipe of the week was this delish salad (for 1 serving):
-toss fave mixed greens on plate (2 cups-ish) -add 1/3 cup quinoa (a bit more if you are a male) -sprinkle some fresh basil and 1 oz crumbled feta cheese -throw in a handful of cherry tomatoes  -top with 4 oz of white fish (6oz for men) -oh, and about 3/4-1 cup roasted broccoli
Pour this dressing on top: -1/8 tsp minced garlic -1/8 tsp dijon mustard (we just used reg mustard) -1/8 tsp fresh lemon juice -1/2 tbsp olive oil -1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar -pinch of salt -add stevia if you want (we don't have that here, so I did the smallest bit of honey)
Toughest exercise?  Still burpees.  I know there will be a special place in heaven for all the people that love burpees.  I, for one, …